Global Law Experts Award Al Safar And Partners Two Distinguished Titles For 2015

November 1, 2022 by
Global Law Experts Award Al Safar And Partners Two Distinguished Titles For 2015
Al Safar & Partners

DUBAI — Global Law Experts, an international recommendation service for leading law firms in the legal community, has awarded Al Safar and Partners two distinguished awards for 2015: Commercial Law Firm of the Year and the Banking and Finance Law Firm of the Year.
Senior Advocate Mrs. Kavitha Panicker, the most senior member and managing partner at the firm, is the main recipient of the Commercial Law Firm of the Year award. In addition to the Global Law Experts award, Ms. Kavitha Panicker has received additional awards in the past, most notably of which is the title of Strategic Partner, awarded to Al Safar and Partners by the Dubai Courts.

“I am so honored to have received this award from the Global Law Experts and truly could not have accomplished this feat without the help of my devoted team at Al Safar and Partners, and the support of our loyal clients,” Thanks to you All said Mrs. Panicker.

Although Al Safar and Partners provides legal services across nearly every field of law, the award of Banking and Finance Law Firm of the Year has set the firm apart among all UAE law firms as leaders in the financial law category.
Though the criteria for Global Law Experts awards vary, one of the key measurements across all fields is high rates of customer satisfaction. Additional criteria for giving awards include client testimonials, key case outcomes, legal rankings, overall reputation, publication contributions, speaking engagements, and the performance and standing of teams and individual lawyers.
Each award given by Global Law Experts compares law firms across over 140 different countries and is distributed on an annual basis. Al Safar and Partners are proud to receive these prestigious awards from Global Law Experts, and look forward to maintaining these titles through exceptional customer service and legal expertise in the years to come.

Established in 1981 by advocate Mahdi Al Safar, Al Safar & Partners has kept clients protected for 33 years as one of the top four law firms in the UAE. Al Safar & Partners has received multiple awards for cases filed in court, most recently receiving the Dubai Courts Strategic Partner award in 2013 and the ACG Full Service Law Firm of the Year award in 2015. As one of the few ISO 9001:2008 certified law firms, Al Safar & Partners acts as an international leader in the law industry and continually provides its clients with the highest quality, full service protection for all law-related interactions.